Stranger Things Season 3 is getting its very own video game

Stranger Things Season 3 is getting its very own video game

Str3nger Things is getting its own video game, called Stranger Things 3: The Game. It’s being made by BonusXP, the same devs who did the mobile game for the first season – which was apparently pretty good. The game, I mean. The first season was fab.

It’s a 16-bit inspired something or other, with details thin on the extra-dimensional horror-infested ground. I do know that it’s got the same guy on a synthesizer as the TV show, and that there’s a trailer below.

Let’s see what we can figure out.

I see… platform activated doors, spooky red lights, punching, catapults and charging. I also see a goofy 16-bit recreation of last night’s Game Awards where this was announced, which I’m in two minds about.

The game’s story occurs during the events of season three, though we don’t know much about that either. Here is an advert for a mall.


Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Erm. So what did people think of Season 2? I was disappointed, though I wasn’t surprised to be. Most mysteries are best when they’re unsolved, before the light of clarity pollutes their alluring dark corners. I also didn’t like how every dark corner had a monster lurking in it this time: they were very much the Aliens to Alien’s alien. Disposable enemies undermine the threat. Especially when the threat is a big ominous spidery thing that never gets up to much.

I’ll bring you the upside lowdown when we know more.

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