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Welcome back, everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July, whether you celebrated anything special or not. I had a good time playing D&D and then watching the Great British Baking Show, just as our Founding Fathers would’ve wanted, I’m sure.
Also, my time sense is all screwed up. Yesterday I was off of work and played D&D, but it wasn’t Saturday. And today I’m not at the office, because I took the rest of this week off, but it’s not Sunday, and… yeah, just craziness.
But it is Thursday and that means a Terrain Corner for you!

Today we have: New Abyss Black Game Mat From Deep-Cut Studio, Miniature Building Authority is Celebrating July 4th with a 15% off Store-wide Sale, BIO-CRAFT Supersized Sci-Fi Gaming Terrain or 3D STL Files On Kickstarter, and Brigade Models – New 6mm Sci-Fi Underground Buildings.

New Abyss Black Game Mat From Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! For when you need a simple and neutral table cover – Abyss Black playmat will serve the purpose perfectly. The mat is available in any size you can think of and offers soft and smooth premium surface to enjoy your tabletop or card game or just any other activity. But be careful – when you gaze into the blackness for too long, it might start gazing back into you too.

Miniature Building Authority is Celebrating July 4th with a 15% off Store-wide Sale

Don’t miss out! We are having a store-wide 15% off sale!! The discount will show in the shopping cart, it doesn’t show on the product pages. Once you add an item to your cart you will then see the discount displayed.

Yep, everything is 15% off now until Sunday July 8th.

Have a fabulous July 4th!

BIO-CRAFT Supersized Sci-Fi Gaming Terrain or 3D STL Files On Kickstarter

Artist and sculptor Jason Hite launches Bio-Craft super sized gaming terrain on Kickstarter through July! Create epic biomechanical 3-inch-tall starships, dungeons and landscapes for your futuristic sci-fi tabletop games!

Brigade Models – New 6mm Sci-Fi Underground Buildings

The desert is a harsh environment, with the combination of sun, sand and wind making life difficult for anyone trying to eke out an existence among the dunes. Some colonists have tried to protect themselves from the climate by digging themselves into the terrain and building their houses, workshops underground. In some cases they’ve built above ground and then buried the structures under a layer of plascrete and sand, leaving just the doors and windows exposed, with a few vents and exhausts.

We’ve added three underground structures to the website – a couple of small houses and a larger complex with garage doors and a large exhaust fan. There’s also a pack available containing one large structure and three each of the smaller ones. They’re listed under a new category of buildings, Underground Structures.

They are all one-piece resin castings which will make a rather different addition to your 6mm desert Sci-fi layout. We’ll have stock of these at the Joy of Six in a couple of weeks.

BP300-701 – Buried Structures Pack – £15.00
B300-701 – Large Buried Structure – £4.50
B300-702 – Small Buried House #1 – £2.00
B300-703 – Small Buried House #2 – £2.00

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