What are we all playing this weekend?

What are we all playing this weekend?

It is maybe the best game, isn’t it, leapfrog? With pals it’s a stumbling jumble of laughs, and playing solo it’s sheer exuberance. Who doesn’t leapfrog over bollards on their way home late at night? Who hasn’t muffed a leap and fell flat in front of smokers outside a pub then tried to style it out with a smile as they rush to your aid? Surely no one.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I’m going to play Bad North over the weekend. I’ve been playing it for review and the little people stamping around are very sweet, even as they stab each other. They yell like an actual battle but in teeny tiny voices! I want some in real life to do manoeuvres on my side table.

I’m also going to try and finally finish Obra Dinn. I’ve see all the deaths now, and have all the information, so I have to match names with faces. It’s proving quite difficult…

Alice L

This weekend I’ll be playing Super Mario Tennis Aces… And maybe something on PC too. The Sims 4‘s new Get Famous DLC is absolutely killer, so chances are I’ll sink way too many hours into that before never playing it again for a few months.

Alice O

After finishing the main campaign of Destiny 2 (psst it is still free for keepsies if you grab it by Sunday), I’m clearing up a few of its high-level missions, poking at PvP, and would like to finish some dungeons if these chuffing disconnection problems will let up. They are: mighty annoying. I’ve already forgotten most of the story but I still smile remembering some of those colourful landscapes and big revolvers. I’ll also have a go at Mobile Frame Zero, a tabletop wargame with robots built from Lego. I’ve not played tablewars in this millennium but I do like the sound of wee Lego bots getting bits blown off.


This weekend will be a long weekend for me, so I’m going to be exploring Appalachia in Fallout 76. My personal impressions of the game so far are that it feels somewhat empty without other people around. In fact, the only non-mutated/non-robotic thing I’ve seen up to this point was a cat. This fills me with the faint hope that somewhere in Appalachia, there will be a pooch to take for walks in the countryside and make the whole thing less lonely. What do you mean, “Play with the other players”?! That’s crazy talk!


I have just returned from a week visiting family, and the games, they are waiting for me. I think I’ll spend the weekend putting bodies in cupboards in Hitman 2, because its assassination tourism feels like it fits into my life even if the missions are not being released episodically anymore.


I really hope to find some time to play a bit of Fallout 76. I don’t have big hopes, because it’s a Bethesda MMO at launch, so probably pretty rubbish, but you never know! Also Burly Men At Sea is free on PS Plus this month, so despite owning it on PC and having bought it on Switch, I might finally get around to playing it this time.


This weekend I’ll be playing Fallout 4 (as a settlement simulator because it’s the only way I can actually enjoy the game). After all this talk of Fallout 76 the urge to revisit my shiny settlements has proven to hard to resist. Sanctuary, here I come!

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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