Why You Should Search For Red Dead Redemption II’s Hardest Collectibles

Why You Should Search For Red Dead Redemption II's Hardest Collectibles

Red Dead Redemption II’s world is massive and loaded with striking details. As you soak in the beauty, you may not even know you’re standing right next to a collectible or object of interest. Holding true to Rockstar North games of old, the collectibles all bring rewards. Some are smaller,  giving you money and usable items, but others will give you a weapon, statue, and perhaps even an invitation. This brief video shows you one of each of the collectible types, which should give you an idea of the visual indicators you should be looking for as the adventure unfolds.

One quick note: The dinosaur bones we show are in a canyon wall. You’ll also find some of them buried in the ground. Happy hunting, everyone!

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